The Devon Public Library Board meets in the library program room on the third Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. except July and August.

Board Members

Al Greenwood : Acting Chair
Femmy Anton : Secretary
Sally Fairhead : Treasurer
Amanda Heiber  - Trustee
Allison Cupid - Trustee
Brandon Simmons - Trustee
Juston Porter : Council Representative


Audrey Benjamin : Director
Linda Garez : Library Assistant
Holly Gilmour : Early Childhood / Seniors Program Co-ordinator
Kammi Rosentreter : Adult / Young adult Program Co-ordinator
Tammi Thurston : Inter-library loan clerk
Bernadette Belke - Circulation clerk
Barb Kay : Circulation clerk
Jennifer Kosiorek : Circulation clerk
Vinette Kooger : Media Relations / Circulation clerk
Ethan Fish : Student Page
Connor Halpin : Student Page